Magic the Gathering Tokens

Written Sep 07, 2022
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My wife and I have recently moved to Montreal, and since we live right next to a local game store, we decided to try out Magic the Gathering as a way to socialize. So far it’s been great, and if you’ve got a good local game shop I can’t recommend it enough. I wasn’t a fan of the “freebie” tokens you get with booster packs, so I’ve created some which you can find below.

Huge shout out to the official Magic the Gathering discord and the fan art channel for feedback.

Feel free to use these for personal use :)



I’ve also created some art for the backside of the tokens, if you don’t want to print double-sided tokens but also don’t want it to be a blank sheet:

How they’re made

Most of the tokens begin life as a sketch in Krita. They’re then built up by img2img through various permutations of prompts, weights, hints, and sampling methods. Often, especially for a more complex image, this will become a multi-step processes, generating the scene and the subject(s) as different images to be stitched together later. Once I’ve got something closer to what I was imagining in my head, the image is fed back into stable diffusion for refinement. Since the word blacklist on MidJourney is very aggressive (we can’t use the word “blood” for example, which is kind of a big theme for a vampire token) we can’t use these tools for everything.

Finally, the images are imported back into Krita where they’re edited with a HUION Kamvas Pro 12 drawing tablet to remove extra limbs, fixed messed up hands and faces, remove rendering artifacts like random buildings in the sky, etc…